Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is a total audience participation form of theater. The way it is presented offers you a chance to play a real life game of "Clue." It is through interaction and questions that the murder is solved. The character scripts are so written that anyone of the characters could have been the murderer, in fact even the victim does not know who caused his or her demise.

During the murder mystery, if you choose to participate as a character, you might become a jealous lover, owner of a castle, or the long lost captain of a sailing ship. Again in a darker fantasy you might become the victim, murderer or a jilted lover. This is your chance to become someone else, in another day, time or in another world, and all the while enjoying a good meal.

These scripts can also be tailored for your specific group. In the event you would like a special script, a one month notice is necessary and an additional fee of $100.00 is required.

Murder on Demand
William A. Prall (570)992-2170
Private Parties Welcome